Apr 6, 2016

The "travel bug"? It's a real thing.

Hello internet world. So, here's the thing. I'm fairly vocal about a few things in my life, and probably the thing I'm second most vocal about is my love for travel, right after my love for my husband. 

Here's why (at least everything I can think of right now): 

I love the person it makes me. 
I'm more understanding and open-minded. 
I'm more adventurous. 
I do things just for the sake of doing them because they're part of the adventure. 
I learn how to be more independent and go with the flow of what's happening. 
I get to wander. 
I discover new things about myself.
My best qualities are amplified, and my weak qualities are strengthened.
I get to find creative solutions to problems. 
I learn more about different people and cultures. 
It connects me to people I otherwise might not connect with. 
It makes me happy.
It's exciting. 
I love it.