Feb 25, 2012

i realize how big my little apartment now is when i remember my russian apartment

So, i realize that i suck at keeping up with blogging now. it's one of those things where i'm really behind and hate catching up and saw i just dont have time, when really i could make some.... mostly, ijust hate catching up on things. luckily, my college life isn't horribly exciting, so there's not much to catch on from rexburg. getting back into the blogging process, i thought i'd start with something simple- my russian apartment!
 This is our living room. there's two chairs and a horrible couch in quite possibly the worst colored furniture i have ever seen. c'est la vie.
 This was my bed. a couch. and that's how it usually looked too
 red, white, and blue streamers from our American birthday party for Bekka!
 a lovely hallway complete with a lovely tinfoil quote wall
tine bathroom. tiny tiny bathroom. complete with washer. 
it was sometimes difficult to get out of the shower due to lack of space 
 our kitchen.
try fitting 9 girls cooking in here. a tad crowded. a tad claustrophobic. 
 such a beautiful view we had...
and a beautiful street.....

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