Jul 30, 2012

So here's the thing.... part II.

So now that I've been back from Russia for 7 months, finished my first year of college, and am about to leave for my next adventure, I figure I should probably finish blogging about Russia.... It's been so long that I'm sad to say the details will probably be a little fuzzy, but I'll try my best. 

Fun Fact- In Russia, new drivers get caution stickers to put in their windows. Personally, I think it's a splendid idea. It tells you who to avoid, and who would be fun to mess with, all at the same time!

One day, like half way through my Russian semester, we went to this one place called the Hermitage... maybe you've heard of it, maybe not. To some people it's better known as the Winter Palace in Anastasia (not exactly an accurate movie, but hey, that's disney). Also, I'm pretty sure they also made the lighting in this place the absolute worst possible for taking pictures. And looking at art... which is ironic since half of it is an art museum.
 The lovely main staircase...

 and an awesome throne room.... hey, why not? you gotta sit somewhere when you're the tsar of russia.

 2 girls from moscow came to St. Pete's for the weekend and tagged along. It was great having them with us!
 Christ's life carved into wood...

That's just a little painting by my friend Leonardo Da Vinci... 
 and a sculpture by Michelangelo.... but i'm not name dropping
 This clock is stopped to the exact time that the romanovs were taken from their dining room

 there's a versace bathroom!

The kids have this thing called "Spectacle" at the end of the semester, which is their big performance for their parents to show them that they're actually learning some English. We worked really hard on their "sun hunt" trip around the world. It was a total pain to get ready for, but those kids did so good i was so proud of them. Here's some of their costumes for the big night!
Vlad makes a great ninja
 Mauriana, Ilya, and Roostik
My crazy little African animals!
Vanya and Vova. Two of my favorite boys. I miss them so much!

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