Jan 26, 2016


Writing is a weird thing, but also so incredibly cool when you really think about it. Everything that is written came from someone’s thoughts. Even if it’s the simplest thing. For example, a description for an IKEA mirror that I’m looking at. “Full-length mirror. Can be hung horizontally or vertically. Safety film reduces damage if glass is broken.” That may be one of the most boring things I’ve ever read, but somewhere at sometime, some probably Swedish person wrote that description. That’s their job. The product description-writer. Some thoughts and writings obviously aren’t life- or world-changing. Some aren’t really that important at all. But they’re all connected to some person, somewhere, with some life. And I think that’s pretty cool to think about.

            My favorite writing exercise I’ve ever done was for a writing class I took at BYU-Idaho. Writing about it now is slightly ironic to me, since I’m writing this blog post for another class at BYU. Simple, kind of stupid, but I love funny little things like that in life. The exercise was to simply write whatever thoughts you had. When you went off on a tangent, you wrote it. Whatever came to your brain came to the paper. It was really obvious who had done the exercise correctly and who hadn’t. There’s something so beautiful about freely flowing thoughts. Hearing other people’s thoughts, without filter, really gives you a lot of perspective into who that person is, how they function, and what they care about- even if it’s something seemingly unimportant like a TV show. That exercise completely changed the way I wrote. It was so liberating to write without restrictions, without guidelines, heck, even without proper grammar! I really try my best to convey the tone and expression in my thoughts when I write now. I feel like it makes my writing unique. It makes it me. And I love that. More than anything, I’m really excited to have a reason to start writing like that again. So that’s something for my wild fan base to look forward to.

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