Sep 13, 2012

Let's start teaching!

The first week, and especially day, of teaching is really difficult. You pretty much feel like a chicken with your head chopped off. I tried to be there to help my teachers as much as possible, but with 5 classes going on at once it was kind of a hard task. But... I wanted to document what the teachers look like before and after teaching on the first day. I feel like it's a pretty good visual of what you feel like after teaching what feels like a billion children for an eternity...
 Amanda and Katie are total troopers! They came into the first week thinking they were going to have to teach at 3 schools, spread out through the entire day. Luckily, they only had two the first week, but they still had a tough schedule. 
The whole group before... 
Everyone except Amanda after... Madison... just can't not look cute, so she's the exception to the rule. She also only had 3 kids in the entire 4 hours, which probably helped. I'm pretty sure that overall, everyone is thinking, "What did I get myself into??", but honestly, these teachers are AMAZING and I couldn't believe how good they did on their first day, and how well they've done since then. I really love them, because they make my life so much easier by being awesome.


  1. This is so accurate, LOL. Just make sure you tell those girls that it really does get better. (And don't worry when they don't believe you. We didn't believe Allison, did we?)

    1. Jessica, so true. Except that for these poor teachers, it's gotten slightly worse because the school has added like 20 children since that first day... so we had classes with an average of 12 kids in them. Not ok, but we're working on it. They really are troopers. I hope that it actually will get better for them lol