Sep 13, 2012

Turns out, Tehuacán isn't completely boring. Yes!

So we know this lady.... Her name is Irma. She's like the Sveta of Mexico! If you don't remember who Sveta is, it means she's our culture guide (not to be confused with Sveti, the creeper who followed us around St. Pete's and took us to a gay porn play)! Anyways, so far Irma has just taken us around Tehuacán. The first day she showed us a couple places and we went to Mineralia. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures, but it was mostly just a stone/bead place... it was cool though! The second week though, she took us to the market downtown, which was sooo fun! It really felt like Mexico and I definitely enjoyed that.
 So these pictures are really bad, but this is all of us stuffed into Irma's little car. That would be 8 total, just in case you were wondering. This is a fairly common occurrence.
A super old church in Tehuacán. Don't ask me how old though
 I know I haven't been here long, but I'm already starting to feel a little Mexican pride... It seems that every country I live in becomes a part of me and I take a little bit from every culture I experience. Which is how America started, right? I love it. But anyways, I just love this picture of the Mexican flag in front of the old church. It makes me start to feel patriotic for Mexico and the United States. In God We Trust- and for good reason.
 Now that's more like the streets of Mexico that I imagined...
 Mexicans get super hyped-up for Independence day and I love it.
 Flower elephant anyone?
 Classic Mexican, yeah?
Anyone want some pigs' feet for dinner?? 
 fresh food market
City hall! starting to get all decked out for Independence Day!
 The history of Tehuacán is painted on the ceiling of the outside of city hall. It's so cool!
This was my artsy brain child... we didn't actually look at the ceiling where we were standing before we took the picture... it just ended up being a really awesome spot. I love this picture! I think I'd love it more if Cassie was actually looking at the camera, but whatever. It's cool.
 On the inside
 Another cool church... This one was BEAUTIFUL on the inside! It looked fit for a princess.
 We're freeeens
 Champurrado- hot chocolate corn drink. sounds gross right? it actually wasn't too bad... weird, but i kinda liked it. It's the corn smell that really throws you off
 Tamales, champurrado, and arroz con leche. soo good!
 Dancing eggs in the park? why not? there were several. This one i think is my favorite because other than the hat, it reminds me very much of russia... smoking and sausage. yum.

Next week, we're learning how to make tortillas. Yessss.

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