Sep 18, 2012

Mi familia!

So, I kind of really like my host family here in Mexico. Being the youngest, I've obviously never experienced what it's like to have little kids running around the house that always want to play, look at your stuff, and cry. Well, I now have an 8 (almost 9) year old little brother and a 2 1/2 year old sister. Might I add that with me included, this is the same little kid formation (girl, boy, girl) as my family, so that makes it more fun. I seriously love these kids. They're so cute and sweet, but they do still have their little sibling moments, especially when I get home at 9 pm from teaching all day and am really tired. But, I'm glad I have people to come home to that are always really excited to see me. My parents are awesome too. They have a restaurant that I'm lucky enough to eat at every day. Love me some real Mexican food- not the fake American kind. Not the same. At all. Anyways, they're 29 and 30 I think. I realized one day that when my little brother is as old as I am right now, I'll be as old as his mom is right now. Kinda cool, huh? Really it just makes me feel old... which is annoying since I'm really not at all. No matter where I go, I almost always manage to be the baby of the people I'm around, except when I went to school (thanks Nat! ;)). So, without further ado, here is a little bit of the fun that is my Mexican family.
Emilio was a little more enthusiastic about photo booth than Valentina was
Last saturday I spent the day with my family looking at the land that they bought to build a new house. It's about 20 minutes north of Tehuacán, out in the country by some corn fields, right at the foot of some mountains. It's beautiful there! It was an enjoyable day.
My family's LOVELY green van.... it reminds me of playing in my grandparents' old van
Where they're gonna build the house
such a cutie! I just adore this little girl
yo y mi familia
 Mi familia! Mario, Sandra, Emilio, y Valentina
 These things grow in the trees... apparently they use them at Christmas time. I'm not really sure what it is... but it looks like a rambutan! (AKA hairy strawberry fruit)
 cheese ball...
 the kids LOVE to play with Mario
Valentina kept wanting me to "paint" the weeds with her
why yes, that is a couch in the back of the van
 I live with a superhero....
Sometimes he drives a little pink car :)

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