Oct 18, 2012

A very good, sleepless weekend

A little while ago (so many weeks back I'm ashamed to admit when) we had a teacher with a birthday. And a temple trip. In the same weekend. It. Was. Awesome. It started with me teaching an Elementary class for the first time, and making birthday cards for Miss Madi. Then, we had a nice little Friday dance party. After we got rid of all our little chillens we out to dinner and got some tacoooos! I seriously LOVE Mexican tacos. They're basically the best thing ever. Then we went to Cassie's house, after some difficulty we finally got a cake cookin in the oven, and then we started watching the great, clever humor of Easy A. We paused the movie for some candle blowing and happy birthday singing... turns out the candles we bought were trick sparkler candles.
 those devilish candles...
We've made a tradition of eating cake/brownies/etc. directly out of the pan... we have no patience for plates. I really don't know how we didn't set that house on fire. After the movie, we talked about boys and life and stuff. We finally went to bed at around 3 am I think. Such a good idea.

But the next day.....

We got up bright and early at around 5:30 am and got on a bus to head to the temple. It's always a good day at the temple :)
 Holiness to the Lord, the House of the Lord
We were with the youth to do baptisms, and while we were waiting we got to talk to some of the 12 year old girls that were there with us. It was so cute to see that innocent excitement and nervousness of someone in the temple for their first time. We talked as much as we could with the little spanish we have. We sat American, Mexican, American, Mexican. I was so glad. Even though so much is different about us, we're all sisters in Zion and daughters of our loving Heavenly Father. 
 One of our elementary students, Hiram, is in our ward. His dad is in the bishopric, so he tagged along for the temple trip and we got him to be our photographer for a little while. Unfortunately, no matter how many times you tell or show an 8 year old how to take a picture, they're never going to get it quite right. So this is the best we could do.
 This picture looks just like one on, but i took it I swear.
 I am so grateful for the opportunities we have to go to the temple here in Mexico. I'm grateful the church is the same wherever you go. I'm also grateful that each temple, though they may look the same, is unique in it's decoration, and fits the culture of that area. In this temple I saw a picture of Jesus Christ with a little Lamanite girl on one side and a Nephite girl on the other. It's probably one of the most precious pictures I have ever seen, and it will definitely be in my home someday.

After we finished up at the temple we had the afternoon to do whatever we wanted, so naturally we went to the Zocalo and explored. and ate tacos.
 Churches! Always churches

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