Oct 19, 2012

Gimme a lil Mexico

TRemember Irma? She's our culture guide. I've been really slacking on keeping up on what we've been doing with her. So, here's a little taste of the little taste that we've gotten of Mexico, behind the scenes.
Making Tortillas
 These women make tortillas 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now that's dedication. Someone's got to feed Mexico!
 It's a lot harder than it looks!
But, I finally got one perfectly on the grill :)

Tehuacán Ropa Factory
 The next week we went to a clothing factory. I definitely felt like I was in a sweatshop. I never realized how much work goes into making just one shirt!
 Sooo many....
and then just one.
 And then we went to Bordados... where they embroider things!
This one was actually a lot easier than I expected. Mostly just a lot of machine work.

And that's a little bit of my insider scoop of Mexico.

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