Oct 27, 2012

We like to party

Miss Cassie's birthday came next. It was on a Thursday, and just happened to be on the same day as my little brother, Emilio's birthday. We started the day off watching the wonderfully hilarious Nacho Libre. Then we headed to our friend's restaurant, El Guacamole, for some lunch... and a free tres leches birthday cake! Luckily, we got some more pictures this time.
Cassie, Katie, Madison, Sophia

Janessa, Amanda, Me
 Makin a wish!
Mexican tradition is that the birthday person takes a bite out of the cake by putting their face in it. Now normally, we'd smash her face into the cake, but we decided to be nice.
 I hate this picture of me, but I love Cassie creepin in the background :)

Because I'm an awesome Head Teacher, I teach 2 hours for my teachers on their birthdays. And... have the kids make them birthday cards in the process :)
 Luis, Roberto, Miss Cassie, and Leslie
 We struggled a little bit to get a good picture...
 And then I came home early to play with Emilio for his birthday!
And just because Valentina is so dang cute...
 The birthday boy! He's 9!
I love these little kids :)

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