Nov 13, 2012

you can never go wrong when you get lost in a random city in Mexico

About a month ago, we had what has probably been my favorite vacation yet, with the exception of our long vacation. That one doesn't count because you just can't compare 3 days with a whole week. We went to Puebla. A city just 2 hours away from Tehuacán. We've been through the bus station there several times, you could even call us pros, but we'd never actually left the station. So, we took a weekend, and went where we'd never gone before. We decided to keep things simple and just take a taxi to our hostel. And that was the start of our adventure....
We have too many girls to fit in one car, unless we're with Irma, so Katie quickly gave me the name of the hostel and the street it was on. The map online told us that it was in an outer district of Puebla called "Cholula". So, we told our taxi driver to head to a certain street there. Well, we went up and down the street, and our hostel was nowhere to be found.
We went to the end of the street, and this is what we saw. That's when we decided it would be a good idea to turn around.
 We asked several people, but they kept pointing us in opposite directions. Finally, we followed a couple of nice Mexican ladies to the tourist office. There were a few attractive Mexican men inside that helped us find our way. Turns out, our hostel was not in Cholula, it was in Puebla. But.... Cholula looked like a beautiful city, and we paid $120 pesos to get there, so we decided to say. That decision was probably one of the best we've made in Mexico! The whole day I could not stop saying how happy I was and how glad I was that this little mix-up had happened. Oh, and I should probably add, that because we took 2 taxis, we had no idea where the other teachers were. I'm glad that we could both had fun though!
This is the main church in Cholula. It was so big!
You can barely see us, but we're there! Janessa, Sophia and I
Green fountain water spraying all over you? No, thank you.
Hakuna Matata
We ate at a super cool restaurant. It was hippy/modern/country themed. It was awesome! Something for everyone.
Our table :)
Spider man in park? Of course. The little boy playing thought we were really cool
We walked by a soccer game and enjoyed it :)
Cholula has a beautiful church up on the hill. Instagoal: get to church.
Along the way, we found a giant Lamanite head on the side of the road. Why not? I guess..
We also somehow ended up going through some ruins. Did you know the Aztecs used brooms? Because they did.
Even though these ruins were small, I loved them! We weren't allowed to crawl through them, but it was so easy to imagine the life that used to exist here. I could see people walking through the paths and shopping at a market. It was a great experience.
Altar con Offrenda. Alter with Offerings.  AKA: Sacrifices.
We found a little piece of ruins that weren't roped off! For some reason, this might have been even more exciting to me than the giant pyramids I've climbed. Maybe it was because it was unexpected? Maybe because the lives there seems so much more real.
You can't tell, but these things are steep! I don't know how that rope is supposed to help me, but the thought is nice.
We ate... grasshoppers! The flavor really wasn't that bad, but I just couldn't get past the fact that I was eating a grasshopper. It was gross. 
heading up to the church!
We finally got to the church, and our perspective changed. For several hours our primary focus and goal had been to get to the church, but once we got there, all we wanted to do was turn around and see everything we'd gone through. All the beauty that had been around us the entire time that we hadn't even realized. It's funny how life does that to you sometimes, isn't it?
The colors of Mexico <3
Love Cholula.
Do you see how big that church is? It's like the size of 5 other ones combined!
The church
Anyone see the Nazgul walking on the path above me? Because It's definitely there. 
Love this tree.

After we got down from the mountain we'd climbed, we walked around and ate some food, went in some markets, and just enjoyed life. It was a wonderful night. We finally found our hostel, along with a note from the other teachers that said "See you when we see you". I'm glad they weren't too worried about us. When we finally did see them again it was a wonderful moment. We were all out on our balcony overlooking the street and we saw 4 little white girls walk around the corner. They instantly started yelling shouts of joy when they saw us. After about 30 seconds of this, Amanda yells, "I still don't see them!!" Apparently she didn't think to look up. They came running into our hostel room while we just stood there and waited, and we all enjoyed a nice group hug. It was the first time we had been part in quite awhile. We finally knew for sure that everyone was alive. We had all had wonderful days. And who doesn't like a nice group hug every now and then? I love these girls, and I'm so grateful that I'm blessed to spend every day in Mexico with them :)

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