Nov 14, 2012

It's the random things

Vacations in Mexico are wonderful. I really do love them, don't get me wrong, but it's the little day to day things that have really made my experience is Mexico amazing. Here's a little snippet of some of those things....
One night I had to stay late and played balloon volleyball with some of my kids :)
One day I was teaching and Roberto thought it would be funny to stick googly eyes to his face... and it was :)
Guess who surprised our class with a visit? Captain America! The older kids know how much I love Captain America, and so they tried telling me I needed to kiss Hector... (AKA Captain America)... No. Little bit inappropriate. He is super cute though!
Just some cuties :) Christian!
Amanda and Alan
The above picture is what we used to have for tokens... desperation at it's finest. Yes, that is play money. Come mid-semester time... we had REAL tokens brought to us from America. And it was wonderful!
Our little indian Carlitos... I love this little boy so much :)
So this one time... we didn't know it was Stake Conference... so we all showed up 2 hours early- at 8 a.m., the time we usually have church. The upside though was that we got to talk to the mission president, his wife, and the missionaries for an hour and a half. Yay!
Our pathetic attempts at picture taking...
We finally got everyone!
So there's this panaderia that we really love to go to... What is a panaderia you Americans may ask? It's a bread shop! And they love us. And we love them. Sometimes, they give us free desserts... sometimes we devour them in about 2 minutes... It almost took everything out of us to save a bite for Janessa and to stop and take a picture.
Emilio and Valentina dressed up to go trick or treating! Can you tell they really love zombies here?
Chillens! Victor, Josef, Marko, Zida, Aradid, and Alejandro :)
Marko! Don't let that adorable face and cute smile fool you... He used to be AWFUL! He's not too bad anymore though :)
Zida, Alejandro and Victor. I LOVE Alejandro. He's one of my favorites :) And Zida too.
Trying so hard to be good!
Little Jonathan! He's Alejandro's little brother, and so cute!
Valentina saw me do 2 thumbs up while I let Emilio take a picture of me.. So she wanted to do it. So cute! :)

I love the little things that make every day here enjoyable :)

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