Nov 14, 2012

Where man met the Gods... Otherwise known as Teotihuacan.

Sunday marked the last day of our vacation, and it did NOT disappoint! We got up nice and early, earlier than I like to admit even exists, and headed to the bus station for our tour bus that would take us up north to the long-awaited, famous pyramids of Teotihuacan. *Please prepare yourself for a ridiculous amount of awesome pictures*
We started out by going to this little gift shop place and learned about all the different stones that are found in the area, and agave. Apparently this plant is good for all sorts of things, mostly relating to sex and tequilla. Our guide thought it was hilarious.
The entrance
Temple of Cuetzalcoatl
Date.... Nephites, anyone? Lamanites maybe? 
The avenue of the Dead.  
Look who we ran into! 
I like to plank in places that relate to dead people... like Lenin! 
 crawling through the tunnels...
 This is Kate. My story with her is one of my favorites. I saw an older Mexican gentlemen with a Russia t-shirt on, and asked him if he'd been there before. He said, no and directed me to Kate. We tried to talk in Spanish for a minute, and then decided English was better. She's in Mexico studying, and living with a host family (hence the guy with the Russia shirt), but she's from Voronezh. That set off a flag in my brain, because that's a place with an ILP school. We asked how she learned English and she said in school growing up. We got slightly excited and asked if she was in ILP. It took a minute, but eventually she confirmed that she had been, and her English was wonderful! ILP teachers, one who taught in Russia, meet former Russian ILP student, in Mexico. Sweet!
 Temple of the Sun!
 Our friends :)
 My Samuel the Lamanite picture :)
 So excited!
 Gettin ready to climb! Will we be smiling that big when we get to the top?
 Halfway there!
 Those stairs were too steep for this little guy, so his dad walked behind him on the rail thing. It was so cute!
We were still happy!
 At the top! Or at least as far as they'd let us go...
 Look at all the wee little people down there!
 We found the rest of the white girls at the Temple of the Moon!
Why not climb another mountain??
 I love this picture. Right as we were taking it, a bee flew in the middle of us, and the freaking out commenced.
 Temple of the Sun
 Moon.... or Sun. Whatever. 
 White girls!
 We made more friends. We traded English and Spanish the whole time. It was fun. 
A maze? definitely.  
 Then, we left, and went to an Ex-convent!
 Overall, it was a really good day... and we were all a little tan/sunburned by the time we were done! 80* felt wonderful :)

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