Nov 28, 2012

Día de los Muertos!

The day before Halloween, I went home early with my family to go get the things they needed to set up their Día de los Muertos table (AKA Day of the Dead table). After walking through the pouring rain and river streets for at least half an hour, we ducked into some tents, and this is what I saw...
Chocolate and candy skulls, candy, mugs, candles, flowers, and special foods. Everywhere!
Look at the ground. That's a river of water comin' at me. Yeah. 
Mexicans get pretty fancy with their candles.
This market was huge! Tents filled several streets and a nearby warehouse was FILLED with all kinds of flowers. It was pure madness. And, by the time we got home, all of our clothes were soaked clear through. It was a little ridiculous. 

This is what our table looked like when it was all finished. To be honest, it made me kind of sad to see all that good food and bread and candy go to waste. Especially the bread. Day of the Dead bread is delicious.But, I guess some traditions are a little crazy. They don't always make sense to other people, but that's half the fun of it! I was so grateful I was able to experience so much of this part of Mexican culture that is so important to them. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, they set out the special foods for their loved ones that have passed on, and they believe that during the night their spirits come by and smell the food to enjoy it. At least that's what my 9 year old brother told me :)

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