Dec 2, 2012

Halloween with my favorite children in all of Mexico

First of all, let me just start by saying that my teachers and I, we through a bombin party. We're probably the most awesome, fun teachers ever. Just sayin, you can't argue with the facts. Here's just a little taste of the incredible day that was probably my favorite Halloween ever. 

It started nice and early at Discovery. We like to call this school the "Bane of our Existence". It's difficult. But, turns out these kids are super fun when you pretty much just play and don't have too much structure. It was all in English of course though. Not having to control them much definitely makes life a little easier. Usually, the 1st graders there are split into 3 classes and we have 2 of them, but  it wouldn't be fair to the other kids if the whole 8 of them didn't get a party, while the other 20 did. So, I rounded up a couple extra teachers, we split the kids into 4 separate groups, and we had a party!
Doesn't this look like a nice family photo?
Doesn't he just look so cute and innocent? He's one of our most difficult children.
The goal was toilet paper mummy wraps. I'm pretty sure it was more like a toilet paper throwing party. Es lo mismo, verdad? 
They do the Thriller oh so well...
This is the best we could do at a group picture. They may be something similar to little devils, but I love them all!

After we were done there, all of us teachers met up to go to the market that I had gone to the night before with my family. I think just walking there was the best part, because the very questionable tacos that Amanda and I ate definitely weren't! All of us were in our Angry Birds outfits, sin (Spanish for "without") make-up, and walking down the street all in a row. Let me just set up a little equation for you. 
 7 White girls + Mexico + 7 bright red Angry Birds T-shirts= more stares than usual, lots of fun, and lots of laughs. 
I kinda felt like we looked like The Beatles walking down the street, except, not... 
Angry birds run!
fully ready!
7 angry birds!
nananananananananana BATMAN! I love this adorable little boy so much!
This child... knows exactly what buttons to push with me. And she pushes them as hard as she can.
Danicin time!
This little girl almost choked me she was hugging me so hard.
Juan Pablo :)
This child refuses to get his picture taken. I trick him into it :)
3 of our little Mormon students :)

The secretaries! I like them.

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