Dec 28, 2012

Monte Alban... Where I'd have lived if I were a Book of Mormon character

Our last day in Oaxaca took us to Monte Alban. I think these were my favorite ruins we visited! Up in the mountains, beautiful view... You can't get much better than that! Unfortunately, we didn't time things very well, so we didn't have nearly as much time as we would have like, but something was better than nothing!
Wouldn't you like this view out your front door? I definitely wouldn't mind it.
A mini city layout of the place!
Climbing up these kinds of stairs with a giant, heavy backpack nearly tipping me over? There may or may not have been several near death experiences. 
Nothing to make you feel tiny like being in the middle of a giant courtyard surrounded by ancient ruins!
Seriously, how cool is this place??
Oh ya know, just relaxing on another day in paradise (AKA Mexico!)
Sideways. Taking planking to a whole new level.
Coming back to the gray and the dead and the ugly makes me seriously miss beautiful flowers like this...
Hurray for people who actually know how to take good pictures! Apparently picking the guys with the big, fancy, expensive camera is a good idea. Who'da thunk?
Road to El Dorado, anyone?
Angry birds! Madi had her Angry Birds shirt on, and is it just me or does that tree look like a sling-shot? Yeah, it does. That's what I thought. Hence, this picture, my brain child :) 

Sadly, this picture marks the end of our trip to Oaxaca, but the adventure did not stop there! We also missed our bus, had to return a key that we accidentally stole from our hostel, suffered through an incredibly hot bus, then an incredibly freezing bus, and finally made it back to our lovely home of Tehuacán.

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