Dec 15, 2012

a tour bus, some awesome stuff, and a lot of catch phrase

For our full day in Oaxaca, our priority was the Hierve del Agua. The easiest way to get there was on a tour bus, so, tour bus we did. We had no idea how long of a day we were in for...
Arbol del Tule
This tree is the widest tree in the world. I could not believe how big it was!
It has a diameter of 14 meters!
I can not tell you how bad I wanted to hug this tree. Unfortunately, you had to pay to get in, and you still couldn't touch it. So, I found another way :)
Next stop... was this place that I don't know what it's called. It's this little community a little ways outside of Oaxaca, where everyone is taught how to weave starting at the age of 6. All that practice pays off, because these rugs were incredible.
Everything is made completely naturally. They get the different colors using things like bugs, lemon juice, and lime stone. 
Wool making 101
They use their feet and their hands!
Beautiful, is it not? It is.
Hierve del Agua
AKA: petrified waterfall. Is that not the coolest thing you've ever heard of?? I really wish we had more time at this place. I think we only had about 45 minutes, which was not enough time, especially after long, windy bus ride that was endured to get there. C'est la vie, verdad?
It all started with a pool... and a Lewis and Clark picture! No matter where I go, I never forget my roots :)
Do you SEE how beautiful it is here?? (read Chandler Bing style)
And then we saw where the real party was at...
I've seen a petrified waterfall. Have you? There's only 2 in the world!
This beauty was my brainchild. And I'm very proud.
I've walked on a petrified waterfall.
I've sat on a petrified waterfall...
And I've danced and done yoga on a petrified waterfall!
This reminds me of las grutas in Taxco
Honestly, not my favorite ruins. Of course, they're all cool and historical, but the most interesting and cool part of these were the ingenuity and the details!
Seriously. Do you see that? These guys were good...
We even got to go inside!
And this is what we saw. The entrance into this hall was so small, the people that lived here must have been midgets. I'm guessing they also didn't have a very good sense of smell, because it was so damp and musty in here that it kind of smelled like pee. It was nasty. 

After here, we were taken somewhere to get dinner. We like cheap food, so we didn't eat at the restaurant they took us to. Instead, we played on the playground and played Catch Phrase (it's one of our favorites :))! I'm pretty sure we got some weird looks, but who cares? We were having fun! Next we were taken to a distillery that specialized in agave. The place smelled awful, and I already had a headache, so Madi and I played more Catch Phrase on the bus. Once again, I became suspicious that the white drink my host parents had given me was alcoholic... but more on that later.

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