Dec 15, 2012

Swimming with fish, almost walking to another city, and jumping for oranges

Our next exciting thing was Sophia's birthday! We started off with some lunch and free cake at our friends restaurant, and then headed to a place called San Lorenzo to go swimming!
We all stuffed into one taxi. 6 of us. Nothing too unusual. We're kind of used to squishing into small cars at this point.
This water is from a natural spring, but it's not a hot spring like you might expect. It's more like a pond that looks like a pool. There are tons of fish inside to help keep it clean. And there was mossy stuff floating around.. It was kind of gross. It took a lot of bravery to jump in, so we most of us just sat on the side most of the time. While we were all sitting out drying off, there was this little family near by. They had a cute little girl that came over and gave us a bag of chips because they had food and none of us had any. It was so sweet!
Then we decided it would be fun to walk home. Our first adventurist stop was at on top of a bridge.
Next we went to see the Tehuacán arches
Rotary! It's everywhere!

These arches are in the middle of a crazy roundabout... I almost got my arm taken off by a taxi, because I was pointing at something and not paying attention. We decided which way to go, that we thought was the right way... We probably walked about 1/2 mile when I saw a sign that pointed to Tehuacán in another direction... So we turned around and got straightened out. Now walking home, we noticed an orange tree in the middle of the sidewalk. So, of course we needed one!
My job was to pull the tree down. I think I was doing a pretty good job.
Janessa's job was to jump. She didn't get us an orange. She did not do a good job.
Unbeknownst to us, Katie and Cassie were still walking on the other side of the street (we split up because they wanted to take a taxi back). They noticed us, and were thoroughly amused.
We finally did get an orange. There was a big group of guys that was working nearby that were watching and laughing at us. Someone finally took pity on us and came over to help. One of the oranges even fell into the middle of the busy street and he walked out to get it for us! He was such a nice guy. Turns out, they didn't taste very good. They were SUPER tart. But, we got our oranges, and had a great day :)

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