Dec 4, 2012

las grutas y una ciudad mágica!

Our first and only full day in Taxco began wonderfully- with food of course! Man, those nuns can cook. Who knew soupy eggs and cactus could be so good?? 
This is what the area around the monastery looked like. It really was in the middle on nowhere, which was kind of annoying, but when I looked around me, I could easily see that it was worth it. We caught a kumbi into town, bought bus tickets to go see las grutas, and, you guessed it! explored with the time that we had to kill.
The steep streets of Taxco
Día de los Muertos set up in a church courtyard
Taxco is the silver capital of the world (though Wallace, Idaho is trying to claim the title). This is a silver picture of Taxco. That's pretty neat!
Jesus watches over the city :)
The church in the zocalo
They get really into Day of the Dead here
Then we headed into the cave! dun dun dun...
Seriously, these pictures do absolutely no justice to the size and incredibleness of these caves. They were so cool!
Wait until all the people are gone
Sit down on cave rock
Take picture
Stand up....
 Boys walk by. 
One says, "And one with me?"
Me: "uh.. sure"
sit back down.
take picture. 
Him: "Cheers!"
Me: "uh.. bye!"
And then Sophia and I laughed.
Even with all the Mexican boys that ask to take pictures with us everywhere we go and pull us into the street to dance with them, Vladik will always be my one love in Mexico.
And then... just to keep things interesting and fun, gimme a break I can only look at rocks for so long and be entertained, Sophia and I decided to start planking on random things. She always gave a poor old lady a heart attack, but in the end we all just laughed.
Free panoramic view? Come in? Don't mind if we do!
It was worth all the stair climbing :)
An ex-convent in Taxco. A little dreary don't you think?
Especially with 3 of these guys right outside!
It was getting late and cold and dark, so we decided that for our last excursion of the night, we would head up the mountain to see the Cristo up close and personal. We became friends with our taxi driver, whose name was Jesús ironically enough, although I'm not sure if we were still friends at the end of the night... Story later. We had lots of fun practicing Spanish, and even Japanese! with him. He practiced his English with us. It's always a good trade off.
The view was breath-taking, regardless of the cold wind and rain. We were all so glad we went up!
We got in our taxi to leave, but when the driver tried to pull the passenger door shut from his seat with the cord that was attached, he couldn't do it. Amanda, being the good Samaritan that she is, decided to help him. She counted to three, and they pulled hard. They ripped the handle right out of the door! Amanda was immediately filled with remorse. She said, "Oh, Jesús! I'm so sorry!". We all started busting up laughing. Amanda says, "Oh, (insert name here)" quite frequently, but this time it was just hilarious and we all about died laughing. We finally got the door shut and headed down the mountain. We caught a kumbi home. The driver even took us right up the road to the monastery, even though it was a slight detour from his route. Then, some of the women in the van got out to speak to the nuns so they'd let us in (the door was locked), and then they all stayed to make sure we were ok. It was so sweet! Sometimes people restore my faith that there are still good people left in the world :)

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