Nov 14, 2012

trying to get somewhere, being there, and not even realizing it

Our second day in Puebla was a little more relaxed than the first. We started out with a nice breakfast provided by our hostel (can't go wrong with free food!), then headed out to see some of the Historical Center. The first place we went was the main cathedral. This thing was huge! 
The way I figure it... this door is about 4x as tall as I am, making it about 26' tall....
 The church itself, is about 4x as tall as the door.... making it about 104' tall. Yeah, I'm a nerd. I do things like that.
 While we were walking through this church, I had a hymn stuck in my head. I can't remember which one it was now, but it made me realize something more than I ever have before. I'm surprised it took me so long with how many churches I've been in around the world. I realized that these churches give so much glory to men. They honor them and focus on them much more than they do on the Savior or our Heavenly Father, at least from what I can see. I'm so grateful I belong to a church that focuses on the life of my Savior, His love, and the love of my Heavenly Father. 
 This was the best of our attempts to get a group picture... not great, but oh well. While we were standing around outside this church we noticed this cute little boy across the way. He was staring at us like most people do, and all of a sudden he starts play shooting at us and then runs over, does it some more, then runs over, shoots some more, and starts karate-chopping at us! He was crazy! We started playing back of course, but I think this little boy may have watch The Avengers a few too many times. Maybe. Luckily, no one was harmed. We did get some quite delicious suckers from his mom though when she did finally come over. 
After we were done wandering around the center, we pulled out our lovely little tourist map and picked a couple places we wanted to go. The first stop was some gardens named after some Saint. We walked and walked. We almost got run over. We thought we were getting close and got distracted by this lovely place...
 We weren't quite sure what it was. There was several modern sculptures scattered about. LOTS of people dressed all in white. And some lovely plants and flowers.
 I love these plants. The flowers look just like brightly colored leaves!
 These are some of my favorite flowers, but I've only ever seen them in hanging pots in the States. I love to pop them open :) After two long days of walking, we decided we were tired and just wanted to sit for awhile. So, we headed to a mall, also in this little area, and watched Taken 2. Movies about getting kidnapped in foreign countries are always good to watch when you're out of the US. After the movie was over, we realized that this place we'd found, was actually where we were trying to go the whole time. We were there and didn't even realize it. Lovely! The next stop on the map was the "City Mural". We walked along a busy street, thought we were getting close, and pulled out the map to check where we were. And then we realized that once again, we were exactly where we had been trying to go. We headed up a super sketchy looking street, and this is what we found...
 The murals kept going, but this street was getting more and more sketchy the farther in we headed, and at about this point, we saw a couple teenage-ish boys heading our way, at least one of which was clearly drunk and holding a nice, big bottle. We decided it was time to split. 
We got back to Center and I found a mini-city! Just like the one in St. Pete's! That one was way cooler though, because it was big and you could play in it. But this one was cool too. Fun fact: Puebla has over 365 churches. One for each day of the year, plus more. There was one every couple of blocks. It was crazy. 

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