Feb 9, 2016

A few of my favorite things.

v My husband
v Gilmore Girls
v Good food
v Road trips
v Interesting podcasts
v Mountains, mountains, mountains
v Rocking out to good music in the car, in the shower, pretty much everywhere
v Friends (the real kind and the classic TV show)
v Date nights
v Stars
v Rain
v The sound of rushing water
v Adventures
v The first drive after getting off an airplane in a new place
v Hostels
v Paris
v London
v Wicked
v Temples
v Family
v Electricity
v Indoor plumbing
v Education
v Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
v Papa Murphey’s cookie dough
v Mexican food
v The beach. Good beaches. I have high standards. I didn’t use to be a beach person, but the Dominican Republic turned me into a beach snob.
v A River Flows in You by Yiruma.
v Snow
v Flowers
v Traveling
v Babies. Nieces. Specifically.
v All things Harry Potter.
v Harry Potter Studio in London
v Butterbeer
v Wintergreen Lifesaver’s mints
v Christmas lights
v Sodalicious
v Boots
v Scarves
v Hoodies
v Leggings
v Hot showers
v Sleeping
v Naps. Naps, naps, naps.
v Technology
v Soft blankets
v Nintendo 64
v The sound of rain
v The sound of sprinklers
v Clean laundry
v Mascara
v Crack. Not the drug kind. The addicting dessert that I named after the drug.
v Travel gear.
v Driving
v More mountains
v Plants
v Movie marathons
v My wedding ring
v Swimming
v Painting
v Sodalicious sugar cookies
v Rainbow chip frosting
v All things Disney
v Disneyland Paris
v Laughing until it hurts


  1. Nieces but not Sisters, hmmm. You know where those nieces came from, right? ;)

    1. I said family! Brayden says they came from my brother in law ;)

    2. Um, I baked them! And had them cut out of me!