Feb 15, 2016

I have a friend named...

I have a friend named Stella. Or Kelsie. I call her Kelsie. Usually. And this blog post was inspired by a blog post of hers. She wrote about her two very simple goals for 2016: be present; be intentional. That's it. Sounds simple enough right? In theory, maybe, yes. Absolutely. In practice, not so much. Apparently Stella used to have a blog. One that she gave up on awhile back. But she's determined not to give up, and to work to do this thing she's always wanted to do. Stella has always inspired me. She's inspired me to follow my dreams and to make my passions a part of my life. She's inspired me to work hard, find balance, and not make excuses. So, this blog post, is a shout out to Stella. And all of the rest of my friends (not all of them are mentioned) who have provided me with form of inspiration or life lesson that happens to be sticking out to me on this night while I'm avoiding my homework that requires a significant amount of effort. Clearly I'm not quite living up to Stella's hard work ethic at the moment.

I have a friend named Heather. Heather is one of the most persistent and determined people I know. Heather never gives up. She always keeps going. Even when life is getting her down and she's not sure what to do and everything seems to be falling apart, she keeps going.

I have a friend named Nicole. She also happens to be my big sister. She has always been my hero and one of the people I look up most in the world. She's taught me a lot of things over the years (including what happens when you are pulled across the carpet wearing nothing but your underwear. Spoiler alert: you get a rug burn on your butt). But most recently, Nicole is teaching me what it means to be a mother. Nicole teaches me how to create memories for my family and how to make a home. She teaches me how to teach kids that it's ok to feel different emotions, and how to deal with them. She teaches me that pinterest really does have recipes worth not only finding, but actually trying. And she teaches me that no matter what, your sister will always be your best friend.

I have a friend named Jackie. Jackie has been my saving grace more times than I could count. She made the torturous classes fun, the boring homework entertaining, and was my sassy with mild swearing friend when I needed to lighten up.

I have a friend named Tess. Tess taught me to just relax. Tess taught me to hold on to the things that I love. She taught me that there's always time for hobbies and talents and friends. Tess taught me that sometimes you can be best friends with someone you might never fully understand- because you're so different. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Tess is on her mission right now, and I miss her like crazy, even though I'm terrible at writing to her.

I have a friend named Aubree. Aubree taught me that you might come to really value someone you thought you could never get along with. She taught me that sometimes you need to talk to someone with a different perspective, and sometimes, that perspective will give you the encouragement you need to make one tiny decision that will change your life.

I have a friend named Michelle. Michelle taught me that it's ok to do things in life just because you want to. Just for the experience. She taught me that it's ok to not have your life figured out, as long as you're enjoying the ride and living life to the fullest.

I have a friend named Karsen. Karsen taught me that everyone needs a little bit of the South in their life. That a girl can take on the world as long as she has a pair of cowboy boots and a solid set of roots to remember where she came from.

I have a friend named Macie. Macie taught me that some people really can be a friend to anyone, and still be a real, normal person.

I have another friend named Michelle. And Michelle taught me how important it is to be intentional in keeping God in the middle of you and your husband's relationship. She taught me how to keep Christ in your family.

Tonight, on this night of avoiding homework, I'm realizing that my friends have taught me so much more than I'd realized, and I'm so incredibly grateful for them. 


  1. <3 Oh my goodness, girl! I wish you were in MT so I could give you a hug right now!! xoxo