Feb 2, 2016

That awkward crack in bathroom stalls.

            So here’s the thing, I was in the bathroom in the Tanner Building on campus yesterday, because I know the world wanted to know that, and was annoyed by the giant crack between the door and the walls. You all know the crack that I’m talking about. Everyone hates it. And I’m prepared to back up that blanket statement. You introduce me to one person who likes or maybe enjoys that awkward crack, and I will buy you a king-sized candy bar. Creepers don’t count. Sorry, not sorry.

            I’ve been to my fair share of countries. I mean, I just broke double digits in my Countries Visited category this last year, but for a broke 22-year-old, I think I’m doing alright- especially because I’ve now been to Mexico twice and lived in 3 countries besides the U.S. For some strange reason, a significant amount of other countries, but not the grand ol’ U-S-of-A, have figured out a magical way to make that crack either shrink significantly or disappear completely. My favorite bathrooms are the ones that are a completely enclosed room. Not the kind with one toilet that are just like normal house-bathrooms, because I hate waiting for people to finish in those, but the ones that are like normal public bathrooms, but the stalls are their own room. The privacy is magical. Sometimes it’s just nice get away from people and be alone for a minute, and what better time to have that than when you’re doing your business? Alright, I’ve now talked about bathrooms significantly more than I typically would under almost any circumstances, so I think this is enough for now. All I’m saying, is a society, we really need to figure this issue out. The end.


  1. Hahahahaha! This may be my favorite post of all time! This is something that I would write on. I love your sense of humor. Keep up the good work!

  2. I think we ALL hate the bathroom crack!!! Thanks for verbalizing it!!!😘😘😘