Sep 12, 2011

fun in frankfurt!

my first experience out of the country was in frankfurt, germany! all in the airport, but still lots of fun! those germans are some funny people... :)

i saw this magazine cover and thought it was hilarious. so true! and it reminded me of WALL-E, which is always a happy thing.

europeans are pretty blunt. and again, i find it hilarious. not so much fun when there's porn on the side of the street, but the sign was funny.

the exit signs. i like the running man.

oh those germans and their signs... they crack me up. mini stories about each sign...
-the smoking area. they have glass boxes about the size of a bus stop for people to go and smoke in. i call them lung cancer boxes!
-the toilet signs. the girl looks like marilyn monroe. 'nough said.
- the shower sign. i don't really have much to say about this one... except that i like that they have it!

haagen-dazs.... in germany.... pretty legit.

this is the haagen-dazs man. he was laughing at us for taking the previous picture, i'm pretty sure he knew we were american. so we asked him to take a picture with us, and he will forever be called the haagen-dazs man :)

the frankfurt airport! the sign, and i LOVE the lime green plane. i wish i flew in it.

yay for yummy airplane food with gross looking green sauce!

welcome to russia! not sure if that's what it actually says.... but we're gonna go with that.

our journey was finally over! or so we thought...

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