Sep 19, 2011

you can take the fish out of the water, but you can't take the water out of the fish

my mom and dad have always called me a fish because i've always loved being in water and swimming. it didn't matter if we were camping by a river, or vacationing on the oregon coast, regardless of how cold the water was, i ALWAYS got in and played and loved every minute of it. well... st. petersburg is right on the coast of the baltic sea/bay of finland, so how could we resist going to the beach?? 
 so we got off the metro and looked at a map and headed off what we thought was the general direction of the beach. we ended up taking a shady lookin street that led to these walls around the canal completely covered in graffiti and this is one of them. pretty cool i think!

 obviously, we made it to the water! it only took us like an hour to find where we could get onto the beach, but we did it! and it was so worth it. the water was a little cold, but not nearly as bad as i expected and it felt so good. i definitely could've gone for a swim in that water, except for that it's pretty polluted and disgusting.
 this is the result of me attempting to do jumping pictures in the water. none of them worked either....
 so pretty!
 i <3 the beach :)
 footprints in the sand anyone? 
 marigolds remind me of home and my mom
we stopped to get the sand out of our shoes and started to play a little frisbee. things got pretty rough.
russians do bread better than anyone i know. its an art form. not to mention delicious. 

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