Sep 13, 2011

oh.... so this is what learning in real life is like...

a lot of my learning in russia has come through trial and error. lots of error, then learning to get it right. i suppose you could say that that whole language barrier thing has been causing me some issues... how have i learned? let me count the ways... 
 first off. blini. i love blini. so much. it makes me happy. and it's hot. and delicious. pointing to a menu and communicating with no common language worked out great in this case. good lesson. i now know the russisan word for blini.
 scented toilet paper. it's smells good, but still not really sure that it's necessary.... altho, maybe it is for the russians. because they smell bad and dont shower or wash their clothes. overall, not a bad thing. simple pleasures if nothing else.
 kefir=BAD. nasty. this stuff is super thick and disgusting. carton looks like milk right? funny story... i poured it on my cereal and thought it was weird that it was sinking so slow... then i tasted it. sick. i wasted a whole bowl of perfectly good cereal on this stuff. i will never forget the russian word for milk now tho!
 russians park however the heck they feel like. really.... anything related to cars and driving they do whatever they want with. park halfway on the sidewalk, why not? implement that back home in the states?  questionable.
 russians find us just as entertaining as we find them. i take a picture of the unet guy, russian takes a picture of us taking the picture. winner.
russians like to have random street concerts. they also like to dress up like scooby doo characters. and...

.....sing men in black? what is going on here?? i like it. pure entertainment. 
 note to self: don't take a picture while you're eating. fail.

 mcdonalds=classy stuff in russia. looks better. tastes better. feels the same.
 forest behind the mall? love it. they have TONS of randomly placed sections of forest. makes me happy.
 "oh look at that something scary over there...."
 it took me like 5 tries to get this jumping shot. i suck. but i finally got it!

 russians also have dance parties in the street. keeper!
 yeah... we're with the band. :)
they gave us a button! go talk to the band, get stuff. huzzah!

overall, it's been a good time :)


  1. Ok, so the guy in the red dancing to the Men in Black song totally reminded me of those obnoxious people at home that 'interpretive dance' to any music they hear..... or no music at all!