Sep 11, 2011

this place is not my montana.

so, i'm in russia. it's pretty fun stuff. it's not montana. but that's ok. i suppose. i'm learning. i promised a bunch of people before i left home that i would start a blog to keep people updated on what was going on(props to allison for the title!), and now that i've been gone for 2 weeks, i figured i should get started on it. so here's the low down from the beginning....

this is how things got started off. you could say it wasn't the greatest.... yeah. pretty much my whole last 2 weeks home i didn't want to leave at all and my last night home and the next morning i just bawled... it was fun. even walking into the bank where my mom has worked the whole time growing up set me off. it was pretty awesome. then i was alright. the airport was tough but it was early and i was running on very little sleep and stressed so it wasn't too weepy... until i got to my sister. from the time i was 12 and she was 18 and going to college, just about every time we leave each other for any extended period of time sets off the water works. it's gotten better since we've gotten older, but this was not the case at the airport.

this was my first time on a plane! it wasn't very crowded and one of the girls i was with let me trade her for the window seat since it was my first time. i really dont mind flying, it was kinda fun :)

our first layover was in houston. my first time in texas was 5 hours in a giant airport. fun stuff! we entertained ourselves with mad gab and food and exploring and talkin boys. it was a good time. this is the entire group except for heather, she met up with us in germany. from left to right it's: jodi, leslie, bekka, clarie, jessica, allison, and me!

the plane ride to germany! pretty much lasted an eternity... it was the longest plane ride of my entire life. haha :)

me, jessica, and allison on our way to germany. that was a huge plane! pretty decent food too... :)
finally in frankfurt!


  1. totally teared up reading your comment under our picture!