Sep 12, 2011

welcome to russia! oh by the way, you're homeless.

funny story... (lots of things are funny to me here apparently.) we get to russia. only one girl lost her bags, everything has been going really well, we didn't have any problems with our flights, everything is great. so walk out into the airport with all of our stuff, where someone is supposed to be there waiting for us and... no one is there. so we waited for awhile... and waited a little longer.... nothing. so our AMAZING head teacher, allison, starts trying to find a way to get ahold of our native coordinator in russia, alla. finally some nice man lets her use his cell phone and she gets ahold of her. turns out, she didn't know we were coming.

  no one in russia knew we were coming. no one was expecting to pick us up. so alla rushes home from her summer vacation and in the mean time sends her 20-something-ish son and his friend to pick us up.  it's around 9:30 p.m. at this point. there's not enough room in the cars for all of us and our luggage so the guy tells us all to get in the cars and little tiny allison is left sitting in the airport with like 20 suitcases. none of us were very comfortable with that, but there is no arguing with russians. it's just not possible.  so kid takes us to their apartment, drops us off, tells us not to be ashamed and to eat/drink their food, and leaves. 3 hours goes by that we're all left in that apartment. we dont know where allison is. we dont have our stuff. and we're in russia. needless to say, we started to get slightly irritated. 4 of us finally got taken to our apartment where allison was because they didn't even have an apartment rented out for her like they were supposed to, 1 girl went to her host family at 11:30 at night, and 2 girls stayed in our coordinator's apartment. you could say we got an interesting start to the semester. and allah, bless her heart, tried so hard to make things better the next day...

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