Oct 19, 2011

2 catherines. 1 palace. all awesome.

so the next weekend, and the day after the creeper incident, we went to pushkin! also known as the tsar's village. it's so beautiful there. and fall was the PERFECT time to go! i think i took like 150 pictures of trees and leaves and outside. and maybe 50 of the actual buildings. just goes to show how much more beautiful God's creations are than man's! or that i'm just a montana girl born and bred... man i miss my mountains. anyways... pictures! always, lots of pictures :)
 front gates to the palace!
 pretty? eh... kinda.
i'm not really sure what's up with all the chinese/japanese stuff here... i never understood that. but there's a lot of it!
 yay fall leaves!
 tennis anyone? :)
 pure love.
 a gate and a creepy archway? won't stop us.
 love the reflections in the water!
apparently this is what people do in russia in the fall... make crowns out of leaves. it's pretty cool how they do it actually
one of the catherine's had bad knees and so she had a hard time with stairs. as a result, we have this ramp leading out of the palace.
 ah! getting squished!
love this lake.
we kinda like each other...
 sveta! i <3 her. she's so great
you ALWAYS see at least 1 bride when you're out at any significant place in st. petersburg
 listen to a symphony while you drink your morning tea looking out at this lake in this building? i'd take it.
 i like signs...
 and this staircase....
and siberian pine trees...
and failed attempts at mimicking statues...
 and then we went inside!
 i like this barometer... there's a clock just like it across the room!
 wake up on one side... fall asleep on the other. east and west
 the great hall :)
 always awesome murals on the ceiling
exquisite detail
 superbowl, anyone?
 recently opened room, with a carpet hundreds of years old. wooo!
i think the floor might have been my favorite part....
 i want fondue off that tower.
 these two rooms are my favorites!
i only have one question about this outfit: how on earth would you navigate things??
 fairytale room. or candy... one of the two.
the grand staircase
what the palace looked like after the war...
 the different colors in the amber room. which was, ah-mazing! the legend goes that a mermaid princess lived in the baltic sea, and she fell in love with humans. her dad got angry and destroyed her palace, which was made of amber. (sound like the little mermaid to anyone else?) the big pieces of amber are supposedly pieces of her castle, and the smaller bits are her tears.
 anyone notice the color difference between the bright gold and the pale yellow? one of the catherine's hated the baroque style of the gold, so she had it painted over with yellow. they left it both ways obviously, so you could see both!
secret view!
jodi, leslie, and me

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