Oct 27, 2011

the best things are the random things.

obviously, so far i've only been blogging about the big things that have been happening. pretty much just our weekend excursions. those are fun, but the biggest reason why i love russia so much is all the little day to day adventures that come with living in a foreign country, a crappy apartment, and 7 girls. some of them i've already talked about, like the keifer NOT milk, and the scented toilet. here's a few more!
our first week in russia we had to get blood taken. they gave us chocolate :)
this is how crs park in russia. half way on the sidewalk, if they're not already driving on it.

sew your car together? why not.
there are cats living in our grocery store. it freaks me out. i don't really go there anymore.
who dropped a watermelon out out of an 8th story window? we did.

our doors frequently break.
a car accident outside our apartment at like 1 am. i heard it happen. i saw all the rubble from my window. and yes, took pictures.
this is what the car looked like the next day

right where this car crashed into the median fence is where we run across the road everyday to get to school rather than walk all the way to the cross walk. we started doing that after accident. we're smart :)
bag of chips, anyone?
i like this cake a lot

i love russia.

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