Oct 6, 2011

homey feelings in russia make me happy.

last friday. last friday was a good, good day................. such a good day. i LOVE my big boys class. it's the oldest and smartest group of kids we have. mostly boys, and occasionally only boys, but there's 2 girls that are in there too. but we still call it the boys' class. when we teach, we have 3- 15 minute rotations between 3 teachers. and i get the boys last. they're my absolute favorites! anyways, the day generally just ends well no matter how bad the other classes were, because i have them :) so teaching was good. then we had lunch, and headed to the hazelwood's house. the hazelwood's are an AWESOME cute old missionary couple in my branch and they sort of adopted us :) the american's that live here are really good about that. they seem to take pity on us. i don't mind.
anyways... we were talking in church one day about how we really wanted to make cookies, but mostly just to eat them. don't get me wrong- russian cookies are FANTASTIC! they certainly know how to do their baked goods here, but american things are unbelievably comforting and delicious when you lose the opportunity to take them for granted. i appreciate so many things, so much more here. anyways again, they invited us over to make cookies! 

we made snicker doodles and oatmeal cookies :)
i like baking :) and apparently so does clarie....

while we were at the hazelwoods, i was super tired. who needs sleep right? so i went to sit in a chair while allison laid down on the couch. elder hazelwood said that we could go lay down on the bed if we wanted to take a nap. so sweet. allison decided she needed to get up, but i had no problems layin down! so, she got up, and i took her place on the couch. elder hazelwood made sure i was laid down all nice and comfy with a pillow and everything, and then laid his john wayne blanket on me that i had been envying and tucked me all in. i love him. it made me miss my papa (my dad's dad) SO much, but i've already adopted them as another set of grandparents, so it was nice. any bit of feeling at home in russia is heaven. 

after we'd been there for a few hours, we headed to the ballet! we saw swan lake at the milkhailovsky theater! there were probably the most tourist there that i've seen in st. petersburg yet. here's a few pic's from the show! 

 kind of a beautiful theater i think....
 me, bekka, and jodi!
 swans, anyone? see that one in the middle? she's important.
act 3. some of the most amazing dancing i've ever seen in my life. words can not describe how incredible it was! 
the jester. by far the most entertaining character. the screw off is always my favorite :)
 the swan princess all grow'd up!

if this day wasn't fantastic enough, what happened when we left the theater was even more AMAZING! so we walk out of the theater and start to head to the metro. but when we get out on the street we hear the most beautiful music. and stop. look around. and take in what's around us. it was a beautiful, warm night with a nice breeze. we walk out onto a bridge over the canal and look out at the church on spilled blood. here's the best i can do to share the amazing night we had.
 so beautiful.the only thing that could have made this better was a boy.
i apologize for the whole need-to-tip-your-head thing.
funny story about this picture.... we ended up just wanting to continue enjoying the night and being adventurous and wandering the city as we pleased. we wandered for a bit and then ended up back behind the cathedral. but... not before we found a 24 hour car museum! going back there. we couldn't go because we didn't wanna get to the metro after it closed. i love russia.

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