Oct 4, 2011

you wish you've been to red square.

moscow. day  2.  red square. izmailovo. planking. more arbat. and good old fashioned screwin around. all the good stuff :)
P.S. lots of pictures. fair warning.
 entrance to red square!

 we had to check our suitcases.... i like how they call it a cloakroom. harry potter in russia? :)
 you can't see it too well, but there's mosaic tiles all along the bottom of this and they have pictures of animals and stuff. it's so cool!
 stand in the middle, throw a kopek and make a wish :)
 this building makes me think of christmas :)

 lenin's tomb!
 st. basil's <3
 view of the city from red square
 clock tower!
kremlin wall
 a giant ad in red square. wonder how much this cost...
statue outside of st. basil's
all up close and personal :)
 just one part of one of the many amazing rooms inside st. basils!
 it's all in the details.
 view from a window in st. basil's!

 the walls look like this EVERYWHERE! or something similarly colorful
 i <3 creepy hallway.

 i like this green baby sized door...

i'm so curious as to what on earth the person next to us is doing...?

what the what?
who say's we have to smile in all our pictures?
i suppose we can give one for the kids back home.

 planking in front of lenin's tomb? pure genius is what i am. i love all the looks people are giving us.
tomb of the unknown solider
we made canadian friends helping them through the metro!
 i'm in love with this car.

slut? on a wall? in russia? interesting...
i kiss cow.
moomoos. good food.
planking on a cow on arbat street.
ridin the bull!
why yes, i am a montana girl. thank you for noticing.
allison got her coat caught in her zipper. i thought it was hilarious. she didn't quite agree.

that pretty much sums up our trip to moscow! we had beds on the train ride home. jodi ended up with a big russian drunk man in her bed, half of us ended up sick, and heather and jodi stayed awake all night keeping an eye on the drunk creepers who were looking into the other girls' room and going people's stuff. i never thought i would call my ghetto apartment in st. petersburg home. but it was home, sweet home when we finally got back!


  1. I love the last picture and both of your expressions!!!!
    And why????? Planking on a filthy wet looking street?

  2. ok, one: because it' worth it. two: it's not a street. it's a square. three: it's not that dirty or wet. everything is dirty and wet here. so that's not bad