Oct 19, 2011

october 11, 2011. a very important day in my life.

the day i fell in love with hockey. could there have been a better day? i'd say the day i fell in love with football, but i was born with that. last wednesday, after a long day of teaching, we followed a huge crowd of people into the ice palace, AKA: the hockey arena. we found our seats right in the front row, just after the game had started. it was the st. petersburg ska against their rival, the moscow hc cska. the energy in that stadium was crazy! russians take their hockey pretty seriously. i don't blame them.
---for some stupid reason, blogger is being dumb and won't upload my pictures right. so this is what's goin up cuz i'm sick of dealing with it. and, yeah. that's how i feel about that---
the coolest mascot ever? quite possibly.
 the whole crowd started doing the wave at one point. it was pretty sweet.
 i think this was the student section... it looked like a pretty awesome place to be!
after we won! 4-2 :)

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