Oct 5, 2011

play with my kid in english and i'll take you to dinner, the beach, and let you ride around in my fancy escalade all day

FYI: i'm blogging about the past few weekends first, and then i'm gonna go back and talk about all the fun little random things in the middle. good deal, yeah? yeah.
so 2 weekends ago, (24-25) the family of a kid who used to be in the ILP program invited allison and 1 or 2 other kids to come spend the weekend with them. we thought they said in central (really they said the country) and living in central is pretty pricey. so we thought, "hey why not spend the day with a russian family? play with a kid, see how russian families act, get some free food.... all good things. let's do it!" we told them we already had plans for saturday night and sunday, but that we would love to spend saturday with them. so, 10 o'clock saturday morning brought a big, super nice escalade to pick us up at the old kindergarten we teach at. even though they had a fancy car, all russians drive the same. crazy insane! but in an escalade it was kinda fun :) anyways, we got to the the country home about an hour drive away, and   had a little snack with the family and then played with igor (their adorable little 6-ish year old boy). he's so smart! he's gonna come to our school towards the end of this month :) after a few hours at the house, we took a 10 minute walk down to the beach!
 yay for the beach! 
 so beautiful here...
 *please notice that the water is brown. hello pollution*

 igor! so cute :)
this is the restaurant that we ate at. it was right on the beach!
you can catch a fish in the pond behind us, and then have them cook it for you. awesome. 
 sausage by the meter anyone?
clarie and igor! he's a lover for sure :)

marina, igor's mom, really wanted to stay the night with them. they had a sauna in there summer home and everything that she said we could use! sadly though, it was a really busy weekend. half the girls in our group went to a concert called mayday that's the bomb diggity and it was that night.
there's also a mega mall near our apartment that we call the IKEA mall, because it has an IKEA in it.... and there was supposedly a concert there... so i went there with jodi and leslie..... yeah, there was no concert... so we got some 10 ruble ice cream ($.30-ish) and looked around some stores and sat in IKEA for a while, then decided it was time to go home. so there's regular buses that go to that mall, and mega mall buses that ONLY go to the mall and metro stops. so being dumb, we hopped on a mega mall bus. after a couple minutes we realized that we had NO IDEA where this bus was taking us, except that it was semi-decently close to our house. the bus stops a couple of times and then everybody starts getting off, but we're not sure if exactly EVERYBODY is getting off so we hang around for a minute and a guy hears our conversation and tells us it's the last stop. eff. moscow flashbacks.  we get off and watch people, consider attempting to ask someone where to go, and eventually just start following where most the people went.
 hazzah! metro station! if i can find a metro station, i have zero problems getting home. turns out the bus went west, instead of north. and that's where we went wrong. got home. first time home alone since i got to russia. it was a nice feeling.  i danced around in my underwear, blasted music, and shaved my legs. it was a good time :)

SUNDAY. one of the best days of my life in russia. so we went to church and it was good. but there is an AWESOME family my branch. the browns. i love them. a lot. she's from idaho falls. he works for the american consulate here. this could quite possibly be my favorite american flag i've ever seen in my life-the first one i saw in russia.
 they have 3 adorable children. they invited us over for dinner! it took us a while to find their house, because we kinda sorta got lost, but that's neither here nor there. they fed us fajitas! and chocolate chip cookies! and rootbeer floats! and doritos with salsa! they were WAY too good to us. and their apartment felt like a nice american home and i loved it. it was heaven in russia :) and that was my weekend. overall, i'd say it was pretty fan-freakin-tastic! :)

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