Oct 7, 2011

too intense to wait. ew. ew.ew.ew. and 6 thousand more ew's to start to cover it.

alright. so today was QUITE an interesting day. ah. ew. alright. story time... i'm pausing my catch up blogging to tell the world about my day today. because i just couldn't wait. so it started as just a regular friday. teaching came and went. lunch came and went. we went home and chilled for awhile while we waited for the other girls to finish teaching and started to figure out what we were going to do for the afternoon. we decided to go back to this park that we've only been to for a few minutes before and it's got a mini version of st. petersburg and it's just awesome and it's fall, so we decided to go there and take pictures and just wander around the area. sounds nice enough right? well, that was how it started anyways... pics for proof.
 i love the random artists everywhere in russia and this guy was awesome! lots of flute/recorder players. i love it. one sunday, we heard "my heart will go on", on recorder.... in the metro station.... it was awesome :)
see? started out normal enough. then.... leslie and i were taking pictures of jodi and allison on a bridge a little ways away from us, and this guy that was walking by struck a pose behind them. leslie and i started laughing and then the other 2 came over to look at the cameras. out of the corner of my eye, i see creepy guy slowly start walking over and soon enough he gets to us and starts talking. he doesn't speak much english, so it was a rough conversation. we found he was a student at a college nearby and he asked us if we were going to the "small city". we realized what he was talking about, and yes, that we were soon. he told us there was a spectacle/festival going on there and that he could show us, so we said yeah, sure, why not, that could be cool right? wrong. dead wrong. we saw the park when we were walking, and then kept walking right past it.... we went to a building and turns out it was a play. it would start in about 10 minutes, and we thought he said it was improv. pretty sure that was false. oh, did i mention that the whole play was in russian? so we wouldn't understand it, but "we could see with our eyes". and oh boy, did we see.
(this is at the building. before the... i don't even know what to call it. oh, and svety.)

let's paint the picture shall we? we walk up a creepy staircase, into a creepy room full of mirrors. it made me think of a ballet studio just without the bar. people get seated on these old wooden bleachers and our group gets separated a little because there wasn't anywhere for us to all sit together. luckily, it wasn't a very big room. anyways, this guy gets up and introduces it i'm guessing, and then the lights get turned off and we start to hear creepy noises. a guy walks out of a side room, making creepy noises, in the dark. he just kinda walks around for awhile and then a girl walks out and does the same thing. eventually they start talking and then out of no where this guy jumps up off the floor and starts throwing his clothes on the floor. i turned behind me to say something to leslie and by the time i turned around, (it's still dark) i'm pretty sure the guy is naked. oh goodness.... 
the play continues as such- fight between naked guy and clothed guy. naked guy writhing on the floor. naked guy pulling his panties-there's no other way to say it. they were panties.- halfway off his butt and pretty much just scary low all the way around. clothed guy in feeble position multiple times. naked guy with his face in clothed guys neck. girl just kinda hanging out and touching both guys and eventually staring at herself in the mirror, taking her shirt off, and playing with her hair. but we really lost it when clothed guy is kneeling on the floor and naked guy is like sitting on his knees. at this point i turned around to leslie and said, "if this turns into gay porn, that is so NOT ok." i turned back around and sure enough, they were kissing. so we all went out the back door. into a creepy hallway. and every door that we found was locked... even if it had an exit sign over it... we thought we were gonna be stuck back there for another half hour, but luckily we hear clapping and there was a break or something, so we booked it out the only door. (it was across the stage from us, which is why we couldn't get out that way before) unfortunately, there was no way to get out without talking to the guy that got us there. 

from there we tried to just continue with our picture taking and wandering, but creepy guy, lets call him svety, just followed everywhere we went. it was nice having someone to take pictures of the whole group, but so not worth it. here's some of the pictures i got!
i love the water droplets in the middle :) 
 a beautiful fall day in st. petersburg!
 mini cathedral on spilled blood!
 hmm... thinkin with the architects of st. pete's!
we conquered this boat! it was difficult to get onto. 
 i'm drivin a boat!
st. isaac's! (next blog post is about here!) 
we found a police museum! 
 we all climbed to the top of there. no big deal.
 this is how i felt wanting to get away from svety.
 sunsets in russia are BEAUTIFUL!
 this picture was taken about a block away from the metro station. when we got there we said thank you to svety for showing us around and goodbye. he headed the other way, went underground.
 metro station!
not long after i took this picture, me and jodi were just standing at the station waiting for the train. allison and leslie wanted to keep wandering, jodi wanted to go home, i just wanted to get away from the creeper. so we're just standing there talking and i turn my head to look around, and i see none other than svety creepin around lookin at us from behind a pillar. i inform jodi of the current stalker situation and we just start walking along farther down the train as it was pulling up. right when the doors were just about to close, we ran a little bit farther down and hopped into the train. we had to switch lines at the next station and hurried as fast as we could and were constantly checking behind us to make sure creeper wasn't there. we kept walking farther down until our next train came, and then hopped in a car. i swear those doors stayed open for a good 5 minutes. i've never wanted doors to close so bad in my life. we took that train all the down the line to where we live, and we still checking behind us. no creeper :) and that was my day today.... yesterday... friday. oh, the things that happen in russia...


  1. Oh my gosh I want to beat you right now! SOOOOO many bad warning signs and red flags going up! I can't believe you let him hang out with you for the whole day! You should NEVER have followed him to begin with! You are in SO much trouble!

  2. Listen to your sister. :). I'm so glad you are safe. We pray for that every day. Also that you will listen to the Spirits promptings! We will continue to pray harder for both!! LISTEN..... He will guide you! Glad you are having a great time other than the several creepers.