Nov 22, 2011

and then there was some historical history stuff. and good ol fashioned modern humor.

day 3. sunday, october 30. jodi, heather and i went on a free walking tour. learned some stuff, saw some stuff. heard some really bad jokes. but it was all good. and i didn't take many pictures while on the actual tour... so i went back out later when it was pretty much dark to take some! it worked out well...
hands down my all time favorite piece of graffiti art work ever.
at one point, this church was the tallest building in the world.
 st. nicholas' church
 estonia's independence monument. darn that czech glass..
 see the canon balls up in that tower? yeah. ivan the terrible can't take on tallinn.
beautiful lit up at night!

walking around on this night i was by myself and ended up behind the parliament building on the side of a giant, steep hill, on a sketchy trail with some creepy trees and stuff... it was a good time. and later that night when everyone was back at the hostel, we did princess leia braid! all we needed was a gold bikini...

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