Nov 11, 2011

tennis holds a special place in my heart, which gives it the ability to always make me happy.

FYI: i'm really starting to suck at blogging in order. just sayin. because the match that i went to at the st. petersburg tennis open (no big deal) happened on monday and the halloween party was on friday.... alright. anyways. leslie and i, we love tennis. and one day we were walking home from somewhere and saw a billboard advertising the open. of course we immediately looked it up online and bought tickets just about as soon as we could. we headed on over to the stadium after a long day of teaching for that wonderful game. sidenote: we had to walk around to the back of the stadium for our entrance and as we were walking we passed some like 12-13 yr old boys. they heard us speaking english and whipped their heads around and after we had passed them they started shouting some pretty vulgar profanity at us. oh russia.... and then there was the match!
 this guy, we picked to lose from the beginning. but, as the game went on, he started to seem like a really nice guy, like that best friend kinda guy and we kinda wanted him to win a little bit....
 this russian guy's got a studly serve if i've ever seen one
workin the backhand 
 takin it easy,
 then takin a break
 look at that form...
 i really just love his leg in this picture...
and.... the russian wins. but the ukrainian put up a dang good fight!

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