Nov 19, 2011

this one's for mom and dad.

so today i realized that i'm really proud of myself for doing what i'm doing and making the choices i have thus far in my life. before i was even 18, i signed up for a program to do something that i felt would make a difference in the world, even though it may be a small difference. when i signed up, i knew full well that it would take me completely across the world from everyone i've ever known. i also knew that this would be my first time ever really being away from my family, and i'd be goin straight after graduating from high school. people say going to college is hard and that you get home sick, but i was going somewhere that driving home for the weekend when i missed mom and dad wouldn't be an option. i left my sheltered little world of montana, and northwest united states, and jumped into the real world. for the first time in my life, i went out on my own, in a place where i was forced to learn and to adapt, and to do it fast. 

i'm not saying this to make myself look good, or to say that i think i'm more brave than people who go to college right after high school, because i think that that's awesome too, and that i've got absolutely nothin on missionaries. i'm saying this because i also thought, more than i have thus far, about how completely impossible living my dreams would be without everyone who's been a part of my life this far, and most importantly- my parents. they mean everything to me, and i'm so grateful to them for helping me and encouraging me to do what i've always dreamed of. i'm grateful for their constant support, love, understanding, and example. mostly, i'm grateful and proud of the person that they've raised me to be, and i hope that they are too.

i love you mom and dad. and i can't wait to see you again in 1 month and 2 days.

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  1. SO SO SO SO PROUD of you Kaylie!!!!!! Ask Morgan! I was just bragging on you the other day when he comment what a great person and example he thinks you are! Oh if I could only HUG you! I can't wait for you to come home! I miss you so much! And did I say how proud of you I am. ;). LOVE YOU!!!!!!!