Nov 27, 2011

what i thought would be the last day i'd spend in estonia...

day 5. tuesday, november 1st. *disclaimer: i know that the date stamps dont match up with the dates i say. i think my camera might have gotten a little confused...* we had a flight out of estonia to sweden that night, and we had lots of things we wanted to see that day, since a lot of things had been closed in the time we'd been there. so, we spent the day running around to all the different places we still wanted to see and getting some last minute souvenir shopping done.
 one of the oldest continuously running pharmacy in the world- open since 1422
 why wouldn't there be a giant bear in the middle of old town's square?
 by this time i thought i had the roads all figured out here... and then i found this one, which i had never seen before. apparently, i didn't have it quite as figured out as i thought
 he's a reindeer...?
 why wouldn't shrek and donkey be in estonia?
 i like me those knights.
 the estonia parliament building
 in the afternoon heather and i went to an occupation museum about WWII. it was pretty cool
and then we found yet another part of town i hadn't seen yet... 
 just one of the guards of the old tunnels. they were used as shelters for the homeless, punk rockers, as bomb shelters, and many other things
we went back to the monk's bunk for some food, and then headed out
 estonian mind possibly be my new favorite language. minu nimi on kaylie!
 one last look... and then we headed to the airport, and sweden!

 when we hot there, the first thing i found worthy of a picture was a tangled coloring book :)
 i always take a picture of at least the first american flag i see in a foreign country- instance feeling of pride and home.
handicapped foreigners? we are for sure!

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