Nov 27, 2011

a wondrous day in stockholm, sweden

day 6. wednesday, november 2. our first full day in stockholm started out pretty hectic. we wanted to see the changing of the guards, and needed to leave not long after we woke up to make it. we headed to the nearby metro and started trying to figure out tickets for it. everything in stockholm is super expensive, and public transportation was not excluded from that. so we tried to figure out what the best way to get around the city for 4 days was. we split up, half of us buying a 3 day card that covered all transportation, and the other half went back to the hostel to do a little more research. leslie, jodi, and i headed out and rushed to find the changing of the guards.
 we just barely caught the end of it, but it was still cool
 panoramic view from the palace
i really enjoyed this telephone booth 
an old church in old town 
 just a royal crown. no big deal
the nobel museum! this was by far my favorite museum we've gone into- and i really dont like museums. probably just because i'm a science nerd, but this one was really cool, and i actually learned a lot
 funny story, i get a mug in every country i go to (all 3 of them), and pretty much these buildings exactly are on my sweden mug :)
 yay nerds :)
 some random cool objects, from some random cool people
 loved the pretty lights!
 there was a special madame curie exhibit that while we were there, it was pretty interesting.
 after walking around for awhile, we went to a medieval museum. this is a map of the world back then. south is at the top, north at the bottom. kinda trippy to try and wrap your head around
a real life preserved wall from way back when! cool stuff
we went home that night at met this guy AJ that had just gotten into our hostel. leslie, jodi, and i went to find a grocery store with him, and ended up watching a movie and playing poker together that night, and did several times after that. we all became pretty good friends, and we miss our swedish/british buddy!

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