Nov 22, 2011

i guess it's about time i get around to this.

vacation. i've been dreading blogging about this. actually doing things for 10 days straight, and then having to blog about it- not fun. not the doing though. that was fun. catch-up blogging? not so much. story of my life. where to begin..... the beginning.

day 1. friday, october 28 took 3 american girls, heather, leslie, and i, from big ol russia, to little estonia. we left the bus station in a big yellow bus, with only the 3 of us in it. we were pretty excited about that, and didn't take long to make ourselves comfortable. unfortunately tho, it only took about a half hour for the rest of the bus to fill us.
the bus had seat belts!
we got into tallinn at about midnight their time, and walked around through crowds of drunk people until we found our hostel. we dropped off our stuff, and then went out. what else would you do at 1am?

day 2. our first full day in estonia brought a lot of getting lost in mazes of cobblestone streets and medieval looking buildings and souvenir shops and everything that is old town in tallinn, estonia! 
 st. catherines passage
old tombstones
 just regular estonia ol
 one of several markets of handmade estonian goods

 in the afternoon, we headed out to an old soviet... stair.... fortress...? we're still not entirely sure what it was. but it was cool! with LOTS of graffiti
 we did some fake model poses...
the view from the steps out to the baltic. we sat here for about an hour and just watched a ship get into the harbor. it was a little magical. but cold. when we finally left, not only were my ovaries frozen, but they were numb. it was an interesting feeling.
the view of old town 

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