Nov 11, 2011

boo! bringin the american traditions to russia!

can i just say that i completely adore my children? they are so dang precious and i just love them a lot. that being said, as their american english teachers, and halloween not being a big deal here, we try to bring them a little bit of our american culture by making halloween a party. and we do. and they remember it. and it's great. we rotated the kids through every teacher, and had different activities for them in each room.
-pin the face on jack o'lantern
-costume dress up (this was mine)
-spider cookies
-and... i can't remember the last one.
the vice principal who is our disciplinary go to stayed in my room most the time, and helped get the kids dressed up. she wouldn't let us put any real costumes on them tho.... but they still had fun!
my babies!
 the middle group 
 this kid is the sweetest little boy in the entire world.
this is alisa. she used to cry and scream bloody murder every day when she came into class. i was always the one that went out into the hall to calm her down, and eventually she came in smiling. she's given me stickers that are now on my laptop. i love her :)
 i don't even know what to say about mative....
 my big boys! plus manya. they're my favorites. i completely love them
 my all time favorite little boy ever. vova, i'm a sucker for this boy. he's super, super sweet
 ludmila! even she joined in the fun!  so expected, and so funny 
 little vlad. i see this kid everywhere
 i don't even wanna talk about this girl's future... 
oh misha.... such a stud. this kid is so dang smart.

and just because i love my children....
 i really wish this picture wasn't blurry because i kind of love it...
the big kids! 
 i love this picture because the kid in the background is braiding my hair :)
middle kids 
 oh, the crazy kids...
i love them 
a couple of my private kids :)


  1. Have you met any of the parents yet?

  2. a few. pretty much just as i leave the school at night