Nov 27, 2011

same as always, some pretty trees, water, hills... make me so much more happy than anything else

day 7. thursday, november 3. this was one of my favorite days in stockholm. we started the day out by going to a park and just enjoying the nature and beauty of sweden :) after that we did a little bit of souvenir shopping and then headed to the biggest IKEA in the world and got swedish meatballs. overall, it was pretty awesome.
the greatest teeter totter ever. this thing goes up and down, sideways, and in circles. freakin awesome.
no hands!
it's at places like these that i truly feel God's love for me. it's so beautiful, quiet, and peaceful. and how could he give us all of this and not love us unconditionally?
we all sat and enjoyed this view in silence for a good 20 minutes. so wonderful.
and then, there was the swedish IKEA!
swedish meatballs. wonderful.

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