Nov 27, 2011

museums, and inefficient use of time.

day 8. friday, november 4th. this day didn't go too well.  first, we started out way later than we meant to. then, we went to the museum of modern art because there was a special monet exhibit going on, and we thought it was free, but it wasn't (except for me. all museums in stockholm are free if you're 18. yeah buddy!) so we ended up just going to an architecture exhibit there that was free. i really like that one. then we went in a REALLY round about direction to get to a history museum. anyone who knows me since this trip knows that i'm not a huge fan of museums. that's something that i've learned about myself since i've been here. some are cool, but overall they entertain me for about an hour and then i just get really bored and tired. the evening ended well though.  we went to an organ concert in a church, then went to the culture house, which was pretty much just a big mall, then went back to the hostel for what we thought would be our last night in sweden, ate junk food and watched the proposal and... another movie that i can't remember with AJ. it was a good night :) pictures!
 i think it's kinda pretty here
 oh modern art....
in here there was a timeline of sweden, viking exhibits, and a gold room
and this is the church that we went to the concert in

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