Nov 23, 2011

halloween in the 2011 cultural capital of europe? alright, if you insist.

day 4. monday, october 31, 2011. halloween was a good day. unfortunately, it was monday. and pretty much all those things that you're supposed to go do when you're in a place were all closed on mondays.... so we found other cool things to do :)
in the morning we headed out to get our prison tour set up for later that night and went over to the russian market balti jaam! it really wasn't that exciting tho. they told us that you could get old soviet passports and stuff, but we didn't find any. we did find lots of cool old soviet and WW2 stuff though. after that, we went back to the hostel and had lunch, then walked around and found a cool church to sit in for awhile.
 medieval delicious food...
 please put cans and bottles under the sink.... this is what you get.
 this thing creeped me out every single time i went into the hostel- because it was right outside the door
 the oldest brick building in tallinn
just some dead people.... or a movie. 
 we left our mark!
and then came the prison tour.... our tour guide had a friend that did time in here. it started as a fortress back in the 1500s and then turned into a prison that ran until 2005.
 nice beds, right?
 and of course the beautiful, uplifting artwork....
 afterwards we went to get some elk soup and pies!
and then.... we went home and carved our orange pepper pumpkins! we got really excited and went and showed everyone in the hostel and they gave us funny looks, but we were happy. 
using our phone flashlights to light em up! after this we got out our halloween themed temporary tattoos and i pretty much became a pro at temporary tattoo artwork. not only did all of us have one, but we convinced the 4 guys that were sharing the room with us that night to join in on the party... it was a good time :)

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